Production Operations

If you are using spreadsheets to manage your business, consider the benefits of a robust web application to allow more people to collect data, analyze key measures, and improve your operations.

Office 365, Sharepoint, and Cloud Services

Clearpath Innovations has the expertise to help you get out of the email and data server management business and unleash the power of the cloud in a very cost-effective way.

Data-driven Mobile and Web Applications

Our clients trust us to build game-changing web, mobile and barcode-scanning applications to improve operations and interact with their clients or customers.

Closeup side view of a control room at a modern industrial production line with a control person in charge keeping track of the process on a computer.

Production Operations

Many companies use Microsoft Excel and Access applications to manage their operations.  We have the expertise to convert these solutions to full web applications with strong database back-ends to allow a more robust way to capture data and report it to plant operators, engineers, and top management.

Clearpath Innovations has developed custom applications for scheduling and tracking production of product across multiple manufacturing lines and facilities.  We have developed systems to capture key production measures from disparate systems to provide consolidated reporting to engineering teams and management.  We have created barcode printing and scanning applications to efficiently track production and shipping.

Office 365, Sharepoint, and Cloud

Office 365 is an amazing set of services provided by Microsoft that allows companies to host email and documents in the cloud with unparalleled security.  It also provides significant workflow automation and document management tools through the included Sharepoint Online service.

Certified in Office 365, Clearpath Innovations implemented a complete security and document storage plan for an capital management firm using Sharepoint Online.  We leveraged the power of Exchange Online to provide enterprise search, legal holds on email, encrypted email service, and protection from dangerous email links and attachments.  We have leveraged cloud services to host intranet web applications and to convert MS Access application to web pages.

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Database, Web, and Mobile

The heart of a good application is a high-performing database.  Clearpath Innovations has years of experience building solid relational databases in Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

Our websites are built for both form and function.  Completely responsive, i.e., mobile-device ready, we seek to provide a clean design with performance, data integrity, and simplicity as the guiding principles.

We are the primary developers for a commercial website that allows hundreds of top international companies to graphically compare employee salaries and benefits with their peers in industry.  Other recent examples of public websites we developed and support include the City of Auburn, Maine and the Maine Arts Commission websites.


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