Web Design / Creative

At Clearpath Innovations, we understand the connection between the image portrayed by an organization's website and the impact it has on users' perceptions of the organization.  We constantly track Internet marketing and design trends to provide the very best web design for our clients.  With a clean, modern design, the website will properly support the intended message and build the inital level of confidence that encourages users to take the desired actions.

Our design staff work with clients to determine the overall theme and objectives of the web project.  From that we provide a list of websites that our clients can review to identify various thematic elements and navigation that support the objectives.  With that input, our designers produce an initial design of the home and secondary pages.  We work with the client through one or more iterations to ensure we have a design that is pleasing, modern, and clean.

Once the design is completed, our team of web developers spends the time to create a the HTML templates with supporting stylesheets (CSS files).  Transitioning from design comps to HTML and CSS is a critical part of the technical foundation of the website -- performing this task properly allows Google to more easily index content on pages, it allows the content to be rendered automatically for different sized screens (e.g., iPhones, iPads), and it supports accessibility (use of alternate screen readers for the disabled).  We never use tools that automate this process -- we take the time to build the templates manually to ensure modern standards are maintained.

Internet Branding

Our design staff has years of experience with web site and social media branding.  These skills include logo development, website design, and print media development.  We work with clients to ensure there is a unified message when we assist in the development of the various marketing media.