Clearpath CMS: Your Next-Generation Web Hub


Clearpath Content Management System (CMS) Foundation

Clearpath CMS is a next-generation website foundation that allows our clients to use their website as a hub for all communications with their users and stakeholders.  Content entered within the CMS is instantly available and rendered properly on mobile devices, on Facebook and Twitter, and within RSS news feeds.

Clearpath CMS provides modern capabilities which allow two-way communications with the public, including a robust Customer Support case management module.  It includes a newsletter capability and a complete alert system based on email, text messaging, and mapping.

The system was designed to make content creation as simple as possible.  New pages and menus can be created with just a few clicks of the mouse.  All page content is managed directly on the end pages themselves using a process that is nearly identical to editing a Word document.  By simplifying the creation of content, we are encouraging users from across the organization to enter the content in their area of expertise, and to keep that content current.  Google and other search engines will reward sites that include current content that is written by subject matter experts.


Built-in Support of Internet Marketing Efforts

Clearpath CMS directly supports your Internet Marketing efforts.  Here's how:

  • Ultra-clean HTML pages with separate styling files provides an easy path for Google and other search engines to identify the important content on each of your pages
  • Auto-post capability to Twitter and Facebook -- write once on the website and instantly publish to multiple social sites
  • Built-in blogging capability facilitates the development of frequent communications to the public, something that is rewarded by search engines and which can draw a dedicate user base for your website
In addition, each of our websites is linked to Google Analytics, which provides an incredible array of market intelligence information. This information is critical to help assess the effectiveness of ad campaigns, to understanding seasonal changes in web traffic, or to identify the source of your web traffic, to name just a few features.


Technical Foundation

Clearpath CMS was developed by a team of highly skilled computer scientists and software engineers.  Originated in 2008, the CMS continues along a roadmap to continue to leverage the latest technology, security protection, and feature set that provides the greatest value to our clients.  Due to modular approach used to build the application, we are able to periodically upgrade our client installations with the most current Microsoft web foundation.  

The present foundation uses the following technology:

  • Code base:  Microsoft’s ASP.Net, using Model-View-Controller (MVC4)
  • Database:  Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Security:  Encrypted passwords, built-in protection against the most common website attacks
  • Error Logging and Reporting – facilitates quick correction of any reported bugs
  • Site Statistics using Google Analytics