Our Vision

Clearpath Innovations was founded with a simple idea: expose isolated information to a larger audience using web and mobile technology.  While that idea grew out of experience in a manufacturing setting, it is relevant to many different organizations and has been facilitated in recent years by the proliferation of a vast variety of mobile and web options for end users.

Clearpath Innovations' web foundation, Clearpath CMS, is a platform that allows organizations to manage their content from their website and have it instantly published to a variety of outlets including mobile devices and social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  In addition, built-in news feeds and event listings can be used to provide a facility for more frequent communications that can be published to Facebook or through real simple syndication (RSS) methods.

Continuously upgraded with the latest web advancements from Microsoft, Clearpath CMS provides the modern capabilities and security required by our clients to communicate with their stakeholders.


Company Background

Clearpath Innovations, Inc. was founded in 2002.  We are a full-service software development firm with a focus on web and mobile technologies.  Our core competencies include web design, object-oriented software development, database development in SQL Server and Oracle, web development including Javascript and HTML5, and mobile application development.

Our project focus is on secure, enterprise applications, often with hundreds or thousands of users.  Government clients have included the Departments of Transportation in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont; the Maine Arts Commission; the Finance Authority of Maine; and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Czech Republic.  Education clients have included Kennebec Valley Community College in Fairfield, Maine and Saint Dominic Academy in Auburn, Maine.  We have developed applications for numerous commercial clients.


Project Methodology

All projects are conducted using the "Rational Unified Process," which is a project methodology that works well for software development.  The key characteristics of this approach are:

  • Ensure stakeholder buy-in first.
  • Mitigate technical risks early in development by building sample code and testing.
  • Utilize “Use-Cases,” which describe the key users (roles) of the application and the different actions they take in the application. These use-cases can then be used almost like scripts when writing code. They are also helpful in deciding how to organize the code into various classes.
  • Use an iterative approach in each phase (build-test-fix-repeat), but keep to a defined development schedule.
We work with our clients at the start of each project to determine the appropriate level of project control.