News Feeds, Events Management, and RSS Feeds

News Feeds / Blogs

Clearpath CMS includes a facility to create weblogs (“blogs”) for special types of dynamic content.  Blogs can be considered the same as news feeds for your site.  Various blog categories will be set up to allow users to quickly identify and subscribe to content that meets their particular needs.  Any number of categories can be set up for display throughout the site. Content from blog categories can be automatically posted to the Department’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.  


Events Management

Clearpath CMS provides an administration screen for authorized users to create events within the web application.  As with blog posts, events are placed into one or more categories.  Small content blocks that summarize upcoming events can be placed throughout the site.  Clicking an item in the event list takes the user to a full description of the event including location and contact information.  The CMS also includes a full event listing screen, and all events will be displayable on a calendar view. 


RSS Feeds

Real Simple Syndication (RSS) provides the ability for users and social sites to subscribe to various "content channels" from the Clearpath CMS.  Also known as "feeds," these channels provide an important mechanism to increase the distribution of content on the Internet.  

Each channel is based on the various news and events categories set up by the CMS administrators.  Subscribing to a particular channel allows the subscriber to have instant access to the most recent postings in the selected category.