Internet Marketing Services

Global E-Commerce will hit a total value of $1.25 Trillion in 2013.  Many companies know they need to market and sell their products on the web, but may not know where to begin to be competitive in that thriving marketplace.

Clearpath Innovations assists clients with a variety of services that increase the likelihood of attracting customers through the web.  It starts with a clean, modern web foundation (Clearpath CMS), but organizations should continue to build their message through a proper Internet Marketing strategy.  In support of that stategy, Clearpath Innovations offers the following value-added services:


Organic Search  - SEO Services

Clearpath Innovations consults with our clients to attract customers through organic search, which means that users find links to the target website from a Google search results page.  The Clearpath CMS web foundation provides a number of technical features that encourage web pages to be indexed and presented by Google.  Beyond that, we consult with our clients to build a plan for SEO that centers on writing authoritative content, generating backlinks to the target site, and understanding competitors' efforts on the web.  Read more...


Social Media Marketing

Clearpath Innovations develops Social Media assets such as Facebook and Twitter pages that are consistent with the theme and content of our clients' primary website.  Once created, those assets can be nurtured using a proper Social Media Marketing plan to tap into the potential of millions of social site devotees.  Read more...



Google, Bing, and Yahoo provide options to pay to have links to your website from their search results pages.  Depending on budget, there are affordable options to have links show up on the first page of a Google search.  This can be an effective way to draw traffic to your site, and the search engines provide excellent analytics to provide complete visibility of the success of each ad compaign.


Web Copywriting

Clearpath Innovations has access to various writers who can assist in developing content or articles that can be placed directly on the target website or published on a variety of external web outlets with backlinks to the target website.  Our clients can choose this option to bring in outside expertise on a subject or to simply free up their time to manage business operations.