Clearpath CMS Configurations

Clearpath CMS can be configured for three primary purposes:  Municipal, Education, and Commercial.  Following is a brief overview of the differences.



The municipal configuration provides a set of special modules that towns can use to increase interaction with citizens.  These are:

  • Report It.  This module allows the public to report issues to the city, typically public works relarted issues.  Various categories may be set up, and each category may be mapped to a group of city employees who will be notified of new submissions.  A complete ticket management system is included to manage these reports, but the module can be customized to submit tickets directly to existing city work order systems.
  • Request It.  Allows the public to submit requests across a variety of categories.  Each category is mapped to an email group of city employees so that the appropriate group is notified.  A complete ticket management system is included for tracking status and communicating with the originator.
  • Map It.  This module provides a way for city administrators to map emergency issues on a Google map, or to simply map construction, points of interest, festivals, etc.  Points or routes can be added to the map, and each can have a description and links that display when clicked.
  • Alert Me.  Provides a subscription service for the public to request email or text message alerts.  Citizens can sign up for specific categories, or for all messages.



The education configuration provides the following special features:

  • Emergency Response.  The website can be configured to display an emergency message on all pages if required.
  • Staff Directory.  Provides the capability to display staff information throughout the website as a special widget with a variety of filter options.
  • Course Schedule.  Provides the option to display course information on the website.  Requires a custom configuration to the school's course schedule database.



The commercial configuration offers the following modules:

  • E-commerce.  Take orders securely from the website using PayPal, Authorize.Net, or other payment gateway services.
  • Product Catalog.  Manage products for sale across any number of product categories.